2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed Size

April 21st, 2022 by
2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Rear View

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is redefining expectations for the pickup segment, and it’s easy to see why this small truck is making big waves in Redlands and San Bernardino. Although the Santa Cruz is compact enough for city living—and city parking!—the Hyundai Santa Cruz truck bed is remarkably capacious. With a truck bed that measures roughly four feet in length and has a volume of roughly 27 cubic feet, the Santa Cruz is ready for just about anything!

Hyundai Santa Cruz Dimensions: Bed Length, Width & Height

You’ve seen that the Hyundai Santa Cruz truck bed can accommodate up to 27 cubic feet of cargo, but a closer look at the Hyundai Santa Cruz dimensions can tell you much more about its capabilities. Here’s how this small but mighty truck measures up:

  • Bed Length (Top, Gate Closed): 48.4 inches
  • Bed Length (Floor, Gate Close): 52.1 inches
  • Bed Length (Floor, Gate Open): 74.8 inches
  • Bed Width (Maximum): 53.9 inches
  • Bed Width (At Wheel Wells): 42.7 inches
  • Bed Height: 19.2 inches

The Hyundai Santa Cruz also has an additional storage area that you can access through a hinged portion of the bed floor. It’s about 7 inches deep, 18 inches long, and 38 inches wide. There are also storage cubbies on both bed walls.

It’s also worth noting that the Hyundai Santa Cruz truck bed sits 31.6 inches above ground level. Three rear bumper steps—measuring 18.1 inches (lower), 25.2 inches (upper), and 18.9 inches (side)—make it easy to get a clear view of the entire bed area or reach items that have been stored near the cabin.

A Closer Look at the Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed Length

The Hyundai Santa Cruz bed length is greatest at the floor—which makes sense, given the shape of the Santa Cruz pickup’s C pillars. Moreover, although the optional roll-out Tonneau bed cover is incredibly convenient and easy to use, selecting this optional feature will take up some more space at the top of the bed. But don’t worry, you’ll still have roughly 52 inches of bed length at the floor!

What Can You Do with the Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Bed?

The Hyundai Santa Cruz has one of the smallest truck beds in the industry—no way around that. However, as long as you don’t need to transport sheet after sheet of plywood, you’re likely to find that the Santa Cruz never holds you back! That’s because the Santa Cruz truck bed is smartly designed, and packed full of features that can improve your daily drives and big adventures. These standard and optional features include:

  • Sheet molded composite lining
  • Lockable under-bed storage compartment
  • Sidewall bed storage compartments
  • LED bed lighting
  • Dual C-channel utility tracks
  • 115V A/C power inverter in bed
  • Multi-functional tailgate (assisted open/close)
  • Integrated tonneau cover (factory installed)

What About the Hyundai Santa Cruz Payload?

If you need to know the Hyundai Santa Cruz bed size, there’s a good chance that you plan on carrying a fair amount of heavy cargo! The Santa Cruz payload capacity makes it easy to accommodate dirt bikes, ATVs, a couple of mountain bikes, or just about anything else you might need to move. Although precise payload specs will vary from trim to trim, every Santa Cruz model has a stated maximum weight limit of 1,411 pounds. Plus, you can always hitch up a trailer if you need to move heavier cargo!

See the Hyundai Santa Cruz at Hyundai Inland Empire

If you like what you’ve seen of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz bed size, then stop into our dealership to get a hands-on feel for its bed features and capabilities! We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Highland or Loma Linda, and we’d love to help you get started. Explore our Hyundai guides to learn more about this (and other) models, or dive into our new Santa Cruz inventory today.


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