What is a Thermostat?

The cooling system in your vehicle contains many parts. Some of these components are large, but others are relatively small in size. One key component that fits this bill in every regard is called the thermostat.

Your cooling system is charged with keeping cooling temperatures within tolerable ranges, and the thermostat is one of the parts that helps your system to maintain proper temperatures. When coolant temperatures are low, the thermostat prevents fluid from reaching the radiator. The coolant thus increases in temperature more quickly, which is advantageous during cold weather. Once the coolant reaches operating temperatures, the thermostat allows it to pass through the radiator core for cooling and further circulation.

Faulty thermostats can kill engines dead, but luckily the signs of failure can be obvious to trained professionals. At Hyundai Inland Empire in the Loma Linda, CA area, our skilled and certified cooling system techs can check out your thermostat and the rest of your system. For a conversation about your vehicle's needs, come by our shop today.

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