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Your Hyundai includes many powerful convenience features, but what is Hyundai HomeLink®? Simply put, HomeLink® is an in-car garage door opener that allows you to ditch your remote control. If you’ve just purchased a new or pre-owned Hyundai, our HomeLink® setup guide can help you start using this feature today!

How to Program the Hyundai HomeLink® Garage Door Opener

  1. Pick up your garage door opener and clear any potential obstacles out of your path. 
  2. Locate the three HomeLink® buttons in your vehicle. Each is designated with a symbol that looks like a house with an arrow pointed up, and in most models, they can be found on the bottom of the rearview mirror. Check your owner’s manual if you don’t see them in your vehicle.
  3. Park your Hyundai in the driveway, close to your garage door.
  4. Clear your HomeLink® system by pressing and holding the outer two HomeLink buttons until the indicator light—directly above these buttons—starts to flash rapidly.
  5. Press any of the three HomeLink® buttons to start the training process. Your indicator light should start to blink slowly.
  6. Hold your garage door opener one to three inches away from the HomeLink® controls, and hold down the button on the remote until the indicator light either turns solid or starts to flash rapidly. Wait until your garage door stops moving.
  7. Press the same HomeLink® button that you activated earlier. Hold it for at least two seconds, and repeat this step three times to complete the process.
  8. If you have a fixed-code garage door, the light should turn solid and your door should open when you press the button. If you have a rolling-code garage door, the light will flash rapidly and the door will not open. Proceed to the steps below.

How to Program Hyundai Hyundai HomeLink® With a Rolling Code System

  1. Locate the learn/program button on the garage door control box in your garage. 
  2. As quickly as possible, return to your vehicle and press the HomeLink® button at least four times. 
  3. Test it out! If the process was successful, you should now be able to open your garage door by pressing the HomeLink® button on your rearview.

Keep in mind that these steps are time sensitive; asking another person to help you can make it a lot easier to complete your Hyundai HomeLink® setup.

Turn to Hyundai Inland Empire for Your Hyundai HomeLink® Setup

If you’re still having trouble with HomeLink®, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at . Interested in learning more about Hyundai features or important service tasks? We want you to enjoy everything that your vehicle has to offer, and we’d be happy to help you take the next steps with confidence.

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